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Providing exceptional corporate and event videography and post-production services to the greater NYC area since 1999. Now serving Lehigh Valley!


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Notes of Appreciation

“We LOVE our wedding video!! We have watched it so many times already and each time it gets better and better! Thank you for capturing the day perfectly!” – Nicoll and Jason, NYC

“I can’t thank you enough for a herculean effort to present our memories in such a beautiful, artistic way!” – Tracy, NYC

“I have enjoyed working with you on this mammoth project and am in awe of your talent, your humility and patience.” – Julie, New Jersey

“I was literally shocked and amazed…I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very happy” – Thomas, NYC

“You captured the tone and feel I wanted perfectly. The montage was fun, festive, lighthearted and loving. I received dozens of emails commenting how great it was.” – Carolyn, Manhattan

“I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful the montage was!!!! It so enhanced the party and everyone LOVED it! Thank you for making something that will be meaningful to my family forever.” Tracy, New Jersey

“We were so excited watching it, we laughed and we cried. It was very touching from beginning to end.” – Meryl, New Jersey

“It was insightful, humorous, poignant and clearly a labor of love. I speak for the whole committee when I say that it far exceeded our expectations (and after the last one they were quite high!). – Julie, New Jersey

“This is amazing! You made me cry, I don’t know what to say. I love, love, love it.” – Sophia (Age 13), Manhattan

“You totally captured the essence and made great use of the materials we gave you. It was truly a first-rate job without going over the top – just the touch that we wanted.” – Robert, Manhattan